Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tips for Dating a Virgo

You will be in for an easy going date when dating a Virgo. If you are shy yourself there may be some awkward moments or silences. Virgo individuals are hard workers yet don't often value their own efforts. They are analytical, shy and gentle.

Their ruling planet is Mercury giving them great mental abilities. To fall in love, Virgos will look for a strong and protective person who will offer them stability and security in every way.

Don't start this date talking about your personal problems or negative issues relating to your job. The Virgo likes stable and successful people. Try to come across as someone who has their act together, and make clear that you know what you want.

Tips For Dating a Leo

Dating a Leo is not easy, but you can count on being in for a fun and exciting evening. Individuals born under the sign of Leo are honest, noble and frank. They are idealists, born leaders and and a defender of the underdog or those who suffer any injustice. They live life with a lot of intensity and are often very dramatic in expressing their emotions.

Leo are ruled by the Sun, so they have great vitality, authority and personal pride. Leos believe that they deserve the best and are willing to look for it. They will not fall in love with someone who is not outstanding.

Try not to be too conservative on this date with the Leo, show your wild side but don't overdo it!

The Leo will put you on the spot. Prepare yourself to get cross-examined and interrogated. Don't try to act, play a role, or be a show off.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tips For Dating a Cancer

When dating a cancer don't be afraid to take a chance! You've got nothing to lose. Cancers are very emotional and intuitive people who perceive everything that happens around them. They are natural psychologists and can easily understand other people's feelings. They have many illusions and fantasies about their life.

People born under the sign of Cancer have the Moon as their ruling planet. They are very emotional and very protective. Their humor varies, depending greatly on what is happening around them. Cancer people will look for a partner who will offer them stability and protection, and who dream about building a home with many children.

Cancer Dating Tip:
The Cancer may be a bit egocentric. Don't hold it against him/her on your first date.
When dating a cancer try to choose a quiet nice place with not too many people around on your first date. Cancer people are usually very close with their loved ones and their family. If you run out of content, ask about family members.

Tips For Dating a Gemini

Although hard to get going there is no cause for worry as once the Gemini has warmed up you might just get what you were looking for. Gemini people will act cautiously while they get to know someone and will open their heart little by little as in their emotional world Gemini people search for security and protection and tend to fall in love with people who stimulate their intelligence and curiosity.

People born under the sign of Gemini like to be in motion, their enjoy traveling, meeting different people, speaking and communicating.Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication. Gemini people are very curious and their mind always requests more information.

Gemini Dating Tip:
First Impressions count when dating a Gemini. Show off your best side. Gemini people cannot stand aggressiveness; they will escape from rude people and tense situations.

Tips For Dating a Taurus

For best results, let the Taurus do the talking on the first date. Taurus people are not ones who are easily manipulated and they are not interested in dominating or manipulating people. Despite their gentle ways, do not be confused for they have a will of iron and one their mind is made up about something NOTHING will change their minds.

People born under the sing of Taurus are ruled by planet of love - Venus. The Taurus is a romantic and sensitive person. They are very gentle in behavior and feel comfortable with others who prove to be gentle friendly and affectionate.

Taurus Dating Tip:
Don't try to show off too much on your first date, but give your best to look good, smile and agree.

Tips for Dating an Aries

This one is a fiery one and this is not going to be date easy. When you date an Aries be aware that these beings always need challenges and difficult goals, both emotionally and physically.

The Aries admires and loves people who express energy and power. People born under the sign of Aries are ruled by planet Mars, which means they have a lot of personal pride, and sometimes can be hurt very easily.

Boring conversation or a non sincere, not clear and straight to the point attitude might end this date even before it has begun.

An excellent dating tip fr Dating Aries people:
Aries people do not follow social tradition and have an independent way of expressing themselves. In the area of love the Aries seeks protection, and will fall in love only with those who are stronger than them.

Don't be easily discouraged if this Aries doesn't behave as expected, there might be much more behind the facade.